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"Ruth is a person one can feel instantly connected to as she has this warm and passionate approach to help people achieve their goals and to make the desired changes in life. She practices what she preaches and her goal to "live your best life" is simply infectious. I highly recommend Ruth if you want to explore your potentials and become the best version of yourself."

Catrin P., Saint Lucia, Caribbean


“Ruth is that kind of person that brings energy and light into your life, whether you know her for 10 min or 20 years, like me. Her larger than life aura, yet humble and genuine approach makes you feel safe to tell her everything that is in your heart, only to find out that she knows you more than yourself. And that is because her most authentic talent and interest is the journey she takes with you to truly discover who you are and who you dream to be.”

Lubna C., Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Ruth’s incredibly driven personality, kindness, and realistic approach to life is her trademark. She is not only business-oriented voice of reason, but also a warm and caring guide. Ruth always asks the right questions that make one pause, think, and regroup. Her enthusiasm for life and adventure is contagious. If you are looking for a person who can help you recognize your value and show you an alternative path through life – she is your person. There are no judgement only thoughtful remarks. Life takes on a whole new meaning when lived with a plan and a positive attitude, and Ruth will help you to build both.”

Izabela K., Boston, MA

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