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In my coaching practice, I offer small group coaching sessions (4-8 participants) on a variety of different topics, which result in connection, communication, and community from interacting with each other. Within the small group coaching sessions, you will have your own goal and will be supported as you begin to consider all possibilities, raise your consciousness, and overcome fears. You will benefit from the support and energy of the group which leads to accountability, ongoing motivation, and rapid momentum.

Small Group Coaching is a personal and professional development activity that involves a small group of people (4-8) meeting together in regular discussion sessions. They interact with each other about a specific topic or general interests in the presence of an expert coach.

It is a very effective and powerful method of changing the way people think and react to different situations. The participants of the group engage in thought-provoking exercises to help them gain clarity on their specific goals.

As they share their thoughts, experiences and discuss various situations, every participant has something to give and all other participants in the group learn from it. Such experiences are used to develop their mindset in a positive way.

With the presence of an expert professional personal development coach, the process is steered in a productive and conversational manner. Participants engage in stimulating coaching exercises while the coach ensures that all the participants benefit from this optimum learning process to stimulate a mindset of growth, positive thinking and leadership within them.

The members of each group mostly share common traits and face similar situations in their professional or personal lives. The coach carries out a deep inquiry into the participants’ minds to raise awareness, helps them to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, shifts energy, and makes them able to set specific goals.

Parallel to that, the coach plays an important role in teaching how to maximize personal potential as an individual. This allows participants to bring their values in direct alignment with who they are and provides them the capability to set an exciting, purposeful, and fulfilling vision for themselves. With the “right” goals, participants will surely be motivated to create an action plan to achieve them.

Some benefits of Small Group Coaching include the following:

1. More Focused

Small group coaching ensures that the focus of the group discussion and sessions remain in accordance to the requirement of personal or professional development goals of the group.

2. Space for Intimate Conversation

When you work in small groups, the coach as well as the participants can share their experiences and thoughts in a more intimate and personal manner.

3. Feedback is more Effective

It is easier to communicate and take feedback from each participant and use it productively to improve their personal and professional lives.

4. Collective Learning

Each participant benefits from the ideas, thoughts and experiences of every other participant. You learn from the collective wisdom of the group and get effective help in solving the problems that you may be facing in your daily lives.

5. Enhanced Accountability

With a small group of people interacting with each other, participants hold each accountable for their actions. The energy and support of a synergized group is received by each individual and they are liable to reciprocate with same level of support and energy. This adds to the momentum and motivation that helps the group members in achieving their goals and objectives in life.

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